We are a consultancy office connecting Policy, Strategy and Technology. We work in between managers, the world of engineers and the executing parties. Policies ask for a clear vision and problem definition. By using Strategy, conduct will be carried out, which is another reason to choose for the right strategies. Technology is covered by Achievement. We will use our reliability and quality in the design, tender and accompaniment of the making-process and testing.


Tunnels and other underground spaces

For more information on this subject, please refer to our sister company, Tunnel Safety Consults.

Tunnel Safety Consults


  • Initiations and project accompaniment (executing as well as research)

  • Contract Adjudication

  • Second opinion and Arbitrage

  • Help with Logical Designing

  • Risk analysis and Safety studies

  • Acquaintance New Business Connections


Ir. Hans Huijben

Ing. Matthijs Huijben

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